About Us


Micro Generation Technologies, Inc., based in Ohio, specializes in the design and installation of communication cabling systems. Founded in 1987, the company was established to counter the perceived lack of computer literacy that existed in cabling companies. This result is a peerless merging of extensive technical expertise in hardware and operation systems with advanced cabling installations.


James Swartwood, vice president of Micro Generation Technologies, has an extensive computer technologies background in hardware and operating systems, while our cabling technicians offer an average of five years of experience in cable plant installation. This valuable combination of computer hardware, software and cabling expertise has enhanced the company’s ability to design networks, isolate network problems and provide you with unparalleled service and support, from innovation through its installation.


Whatever your project, Micro Generation Technologies is committed to creating a truly integrated and comprehensive solution. Our geographical reach extends across the country with core coverage in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Kentucky and New York.

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